Expand immigration legal services to those who need it

Dear friend,

This month marks the one year anniversary of my pro bono lawyering project, Attorney on the Move. And I’m excited to announce that Melanie Gleason Immigration Law is officially open!

I’m now ready to help clients online through my Virtual Law Office—providing legal help to immigrants from all over, including highly remote areas where there isn’t a single immigration lawyer. While I continue my 100% pro bono work on the road, working remotely will allow me to reach many more people in need.

Many of these individuals and families face significant financial barriers to getting legal help. So, I am using a sliding scale model so that everyone will be able to afford it. I am committed to low costs, little overhead, and no bureaucracy (and sleeping on strangers’ couches!).

Can you chip in to help new immigrants receive legal services?

There is currently dangerous rhetoric that suggests that we are a country of exclusionists—building walls and keeping “others where they belong." But over this last year I’ve seen what already makes America so great—it's the moments where we rise up and organize against oppression and hate, refusing to let fear divide us.

Will you join me in advocating for a more inclusive America?

We are much stronger as a country, as a community, and as individuals when we are open-hearted to those who need our help. I believe my legal work is the deepest way I can contribute to this movement.

I’d be honored to receive your help and support to continue the work I feel so passionately about.

As we forge forward, know that together we are defeating intolerance, promoting inclusivity, and bringing timely and much needed legal support to many of our friends.

In solidarity,


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